Dachshund Tails Then and Now

Dachshund Tails Then and Now

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(Eighth book in series.)

Hot off the presses from Dr. Marilyn Mosley! Dachshund Tails: Then and Now revisits the original, highly entertaining tale of three dachshunds and their 13,000 mile Alaska adventure in a single-engine plane.

Also included are many new stories about rescue and therapy dogs – there’s even a story about a dachshund who has cat detective skills. Included is Rainbow Diamond’s miracle story (of Facebook Fame) along with the memoirs of 23 year-old J.R. Each story is told by the dachshunds themselves, and each is based upon true incidents and events.

Cover artwork by Sueellen Ross.  Back cover photo by Abe Ortiz.  Color photos by author.

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