Island Dachshund Tails

Island Dachshund Tails

(Ninth in Series)

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What goes on in the author’s house with eight dachshunds is sure to bring about a smile to dachshund lovers.  Kiley and Hotrod Harry are the main storytellers, although they have each of their four-footed buddies tell a story or two.  Vashon Island is the scene for these heart-warming tales.  Originally published in 2015, this is the last book in the series.  Color photos by author are included.

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Dachshund Tails Then and Now

Dachshund Tails Then and Now

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(Eighth book in series.)

Hot off the presses from Dr. Marilyn Mosley! Dachshund Tails: Then and Now revisits the original, highly entertaining tale of three dachshunds and their 13,000 mile Alaska adventure in a single-engine plane.

Also included are many new stories about rescue and therapy dogs – there’s even a story about a dachshund who has cat detective skills. Included is Rainbow Diamond’s miracle story (of Facebook Fame) along with the memoirs of 23 year-old J.R. Each story is told by the dachshunds themselves, and each is based upon true incidents and events.

Cover artwork by Sueellen Ross.  Back cover photo by Abe Ortiz.  Color photos by author.

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Once Upon A Dachshund Tail

Once Upon A Dachshund Tail 

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(Fifth book in series.)

Rescue short stories “written” by the dachshund that have found themselves homeless.  Individual dachshunds came into rescue through establish rescue groups, while others just sort of found themselves in the middle of needing a home.

We are thrilled to be able to offer the fifth in a series of dachshund books by noted writer and educational psychologist Dr. Marilyn Cochran Mosley, author of Dachshund Tails Rescued, Dachshund Tails Down the Yukon, and Dachshund Tails North.  Her newest book, Once Upon a Dachshund Tail–About Rescued Dachshunds, is a series of rescue stories “written” by once-homeless dachshunds from all over the United States who have found loving homes.  Some dogs were helped by rescue groups, others were just lucky enough to have been found by caring people.

Dr. Mosley’s dachshund books are wildly popular and difficult to find — but you can now order your very own copy, signed by the author.

Cover artwork by Sueellen Ross.  Black and white photos included.

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Dachshunds down the Yukon

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(Third book in series.)

Seven dachshunds bent upon mischief travel down the Yukon River through Canada’s wilderness in a 17-foot canoe.  The trip begins in Whitehorse and continues down the gold-rush famed Yukon River to Carmacks, also in the Yukon Territory.  Cover artwork and pen and ink sketches by Sueellen Ross.  Photographs by author.

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Dachshund Puppy Tails

Dachshund Puppy Tails

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(Seventh book in series.)

Kiley Sue, a long-haired chestnut red dachshund, brings you stories of her family in addition to tales of dachshund puppies she has met–both rescue and non-rescue doxies.  Through their stories you will meet some wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to these ferocious little dogs.  Cover artwork by Sueellen Ross.  Black and white photos included.

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Dachshund series books are all written from the dachshunds’ point of view.  Artwork for covers in Dachshund series is by Sueellen Ross.

Dachshund Tails…life from a Dachshund view

Cruiz’n to Dixie with Dachshund Tails

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Four dachshunds travel by car across the United States to attend two separate dachshund rescue picnics in Tennessee.   They travel a total of 6,516 miles; the author provides the transportation and the four mischief makers provide the entertainment.  They deliver a fifth long hair chocolate dapple dachshund puppy to his new home in West Virginia.  This is the sixth book in the series.  Black and white photos are included.

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Fourth in book series Info.

Dachshund Tails Rescued –Price $10.00  Click here to Order

SPECIAL —  If you missed the first dachshund rescue book, I’m re-issuing it for $10.00/copy (limited time offer). Dachshund Tails Rescued and Other Tales was issued in 2003 and was the fourth “Dachshund Tails” book in the series, but is the first one focusing on rescued dachshunds.  It sets the stage for the following five dachshund books.  The stories in this book are told by Marilyn’s four-footed storyteller, Schultz.  Available June 6, 2019.

Kiley Sue’s great grandmother, cold, hungry and lost, eludes a cougar in the Larch Mountain area near the Vista House on Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.  Other stories include Scooter Pie riding on the subway daily in Manhattan with his human, after his rescue from a puppy mill. Nicky, a wire-haired boy, is attacked by a bear in Naknek, Alaska, and sports two long gashes along his back as a result.  Then there’s Snoopy who doesn’t wait for Ground Hogs Day but goes tunneling after those furry critters on a 500-acre farm in Missouri whenever he gets the chance.  Finding him becomes a family effort.

It is the fourth book in the series.

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