Once Upon A Dachshund Tail

Once Upon A Dachshund Tail 

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(Fifth book in series.)

Rescue short stories “written” by the dachshund that have found themselves homeless.  Individual dachshunds came into rescue through establish rescue groups, while others just sort of found themselves in the middle of needing a home.

We are thrilled to be able to offer the fifth in a series of dachshund books by noted writer and educational psychologist Dr. Marilyn Cochran Mosley, author of Dachshund Tails Rescued, Dachshund Tails Down the Yukon, and Dachshund Tails North.  Her newest book, Once Upon a Dachshund Tail–About Rescued Dachshunds, is a series of rescue stories “written” by once-homeless dachshunds from all over the United States who have found loving homes.  Some dogs were helped by rescue groups, others were just lucky enough to have been found by caring people.

Dr. Mosley’s dachshund books are wildly popular and difficult to find — but you can now order your very own copy, signed by the author.

Cover artwork by Sueellen Ross.  Black and white photos included.

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