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Dachshund Tails Rescued

SPECIAL —  If you missed the first dachshund rescue book, I’m re-issuing it for $10.00/copy (limited time offer). Dachshund Tails Rescued and Other Tales was issued in 2003 and was the fourth “Dachshund Tails” book in the series, but is the first one focusing on rescued dachshunds.  It sets the stage for the following five dachshund books.  The stories in this book are told by Marilyn’s four-footed storyteller, Schultz.  Available June 6, 2019.

Kiley Sue’s great grandmother, cold, hungry and lost, eludes a cougar in the Larch Mountain area near the Vista House on Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.  Other stories include Scooter Pie riding on the subway daily in Manhattan with his human, after his rescue from a puppy mill. Nicky, a wire-haired boy, is attacked by a bear in Naknek, Alaska, and sports two long gashes along his back as a result.  Then there’s Snoopy who doesn’t wait for Ground Hogs Day but goes tunneling after those furry critters on a 500-acre farm in Missouri whenever he gets the chance.  Finding him becomes a family effort.

It is the fourth book in the series.

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