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Adoption in Peru

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Extraordinary story. This is a personal account of one woman’s fight to find, adopt and bring her two Peruvian children back to the U.S. The story covers a two-month period in Peru in 1986-87. The “Shinning Path” or Sendaro Luminoso, was the main terrorist group that provided the unstable backdrop in this politically-torn third world country. Their leader formed a fighting organization, which sabotaged copper mines, launched bomb attacks against remote police stations, blew up power lines, and under the cover of darkness, threw sticks of dynamite into offices, shops and restaurants in Lima. In addition, U.S. officials unnecessarily added weeks to prospective adoptive parents stay in Peru, and were unclear about the documents and procedures to meet U.S. requirements. “WOW!”.


“You have created a barn-burner, page-turning book. I knew the story yet, I could not stop reading until I had finished the book. You have shown what determination and love can accomplish against all the twists and turns in Peru”. V’Anne Didzun, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

“This is one book I will reread and much slower the second time. Just like going to a movie the first time and then you retain so much more the second time around”.  Marilyn Ingram, Boise, Idaho.

“I just finished reading your book and I don’t know where to begin…. Wow!  While we were already aware of your adventure, it was still like reading an exciting spy novel. More than once my stomach was in a knot wishing you well through these traumatic events. You have excellent story telling style and relate a harrowing experience without sounding whiney. I stayed up half the night reading because I could not put it down. Hard to comprehend that this is non-fiction”.  Robert Andrews, Craig, Alaska.

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